Serving Human Services Since 1991:

The Center for the Support of Families, Inc. (CSF) is a nationwide leader in consulting and program redesign for health and human services agencies. Working at the local, state, and federal levels, CSF integrates new strategies and technologies into social services. CSF has played key roles on some of the largest and most important child support and child and family services initiatives in the country.


What’s New at CSF?


The CSF Child Support Practice has served child support enforcement agencies in all 50 states, helping to ensure excellent customer service, efficient and effective parent locate services, paternity establishment, payment distributions, and cooperation and program support from the employer community.

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The CSF Child Welfare Practice has helped to implement major child welfare program reform in states and metropolitan jurisdictions throughout the nation, focusing on issues related to child safety and risk, family functioning, family needs assessment, and the establishment of clear models of practice.

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